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Terms of Use


The company with the company name “KARASSIS OPTICS SA (public limited company)” and the distinctive title “KARAKASSIS OPTICS” (hereinafter “KARAKASSIS OPTICS”), located in the Municipality of Athens, with Tax Identification Number (AFM) 997180865/ Public Finance Department (DOY) of Athens (Tax Office: Commercial Companies’ Athens Office) and General Electronic Commercial Registry No. (GEMH) 132100301000, email and telephone number +302103613366, which has been legally established and operates under Greek law, is active in the wholesale and retail trade of optical products, the import and export of optical products (including but not limited to frames for eyeglasses and sunglasses, contact lenses, etc.), as well as in the manufacture and trade of optical products and all kinds or related accessories.

The present website serves as the online store (e-shop) of KARAKASSIS OPTICS. The e-shop is intended for all its Users who wish to receive directs updates in relation to the products offered by KARAKASSIS OPTICS, while offering the capability of purchasing products thereby, upon placing a distance online order, at all times subject to stock availability and the specific terms provided herein.


The present terms are aimed at regulating the relationship between Users and KARAKASSIS OPTICS concerning the conclusion of a distance sales contract between the two parties.


In the context of the present Terms, the following definitions are described:

USER: the natural person who uses the website in order to conclude a distance sales contract with KARAKASSIS OPTICS.

CONSUMER: all natural persons acting for reasons that do not align with their commercial, business, craft of free professional activity, according to Law 2251/1994 as in force at any time.

VENDOR: all natural or legal persons selling consumer products based on a contract concluded during the exercise of their commercial, business or professional activity, according to Law 2251/1994 as in force at any time.

SUPPLIER: all natural or legal persons, whether governed by private or public law, including those represented by third parties acting on their behalf, for purposes related to their commercial, business or professional activity, according to Law 2251/1994 as in force at any time.

PRODUCER: the manufacturer of a consumer product within the European Union, as well as all other persons acting as producers by affixing their name, trademark or other recognizable feature, according to Law 2251/1994 as in force at any time.

SALES CONTRACT: every contract whereby the supplier transfers or undertakes to transfer ownership of the goods to the consumer, while the consumer pays or undertakes to pay the price, as well as every contract concerning the provision of goods and services at the same time, according to Law 2251/1994 as in force at any time.

DISTANCE CONTRACT: every contract concluded between the supplier and consumer in the context of an organized distance sales system or provision of services without the simultaneous presence of the supplier and consumer, using exclusively one or more means of distance communication, such as e-mail, telephone, fax or the internet, until conclusion of the contract.

For the purposes of the present, the User of the e-shop is also a Consumer.

  2. a) The goods on sale through the website are solely intended for and provided to persons over 18 years of age who have legal capacity.
  3. b) In order for the sales contract to be concluded, there User has the capability to sign-up in the e-shop, although this is not necessary, given that in all cases visitor of the website (hereinafter “Guest”) can place an order simply by visiting the e-shop. The relevant registration is carried out electronically through the website, offering the User step-by-step guidance along the process. All Users register and electronically submit the data necessary for their registration or visit as a Guest accordingly, actively accepting the present terms after having thoroughly read and comprehended them and wish to proceed to the order of a product. All Users are advised to print and/or save the terms that they have accepted on a durable medium. Legal capacity is a precondition for each valid registration.

All Users who wish to sign-up on the e-shop have to register the following data:

  • Valid and active e-mail address, User first and last name, contact telephone number and shipping address.
  • Unique password for their account on the website, which they themselves create with systematic guidance by KARAKASSIS OPTICS.

All Users who wish to navigate through the e-shop as Guests have to register the following data:

  • Valid and active e-mail address, User first and last name.
  • Subsequently and depending on the delivery of products placed in their order, Users have to register data like their address and contact telephone number, as laid out below.

Representatives of legal persons can also place orders, while KARAKASSIS OPTICS reserves the right to request from the supervisor or legal guardian potential orders placed by legally incapacitated persons.


KARAKASSIS OPTICS reserves the right to unilaterally modify the Terms on specific or important grounds. Users have access to the applicable Terms here. Users are advised to visit the Terms section of the website often in order to learn about the latest updates.


The entire content and information available on this website, including among others the design, logos, graphics, texts and photographs, constitute intellectual property of KARAKASSIS OPTICS and are protected by the laws on intellectual property. Accordingly, trademarks and other recognizable features of KARAKASSIS OPTICS contained on the website are protected by the respective industrial property and other provisions, including the domain name used which has been legally registered with the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission database. In exceptional circumstances, the goods on sale belong to the proprietors’ intellectual and/or industrial property.


The goods on sale through the e-shop have the features described in detail in the respective section of each product. The prices listed on the website are in Euros (€) and include all tax charges, namely 24% Value Added Tax (FPA), excluding shipping costs which are described in detail below.

7.1 Order Processing

Upon completing and submitting the order form available on the e-shop, the order of the products is placed. The order is considered valid once the User receives the relevant order confirmation letter and accepts it. The respective notification will be displayed on the User’s screen and then sent via e-mail that includes: content of the order, estimated time of delivery as notified at the time of order submission, as well as its reference number. In the latter case, the order shall be considered binding on both parties (order confirmation).

7.2. Product Availability

The conclusion of the distance sales of goods contract is subject to product availability at the time of placing the order. In case of non availability of the ordered products, KARAKASSIS OPTICS shall inform you and subsequently reject the order, thus resulting in the non conclusion of the distance sales of goods contract. In cases where the order is confirmed as described above but the non availability of a product is determined later on, KARAKASSIS OPTICS undertakes to refund the User for any potential payments that were made without undue delay and using the method that was originally chosen by the User. In this latter case and whenever the partial non availability of the order is determined, a refund of any part of the order that is unavailable shall be proportionately applied, while KARAKASSIS OPTICS is obliged to accept the User’s request for complete cancellation of the order when its partial delivery does not serve its original purpose. Furthermore, it is noted that due to the nature of specific categories of products, such as contact lenses for astigmatism, availability is subject to the time required by KARAKASSIS OPTICS to obtain these products.

7.3 Order Tracking

After an order has been confirmed in line with the provisions of Section 7.1 (see above), the status of the order is constantly updated and, in the event of any change, KARAKASSIS OPTICS shall contact you using the contact details you provided upon submission. The User can receive information about the progress of the order either via telephone (+302103613366) or via e-mail (, or at any time by signing in to the user account, provided that the User has signed-up registering his/her personal data in the relevant fields and selecting “My Cart”. Once the order is complete and the products are ready for delivery, the User will receive a notification via e-mail confirming the order and its delivery according to his/her preferred method at the address registered upon submission. You can contact KARAKASSIS OPTICS via e-mail ( or telephone (+302103613366) in order to resolve any queries or complaints.


8.1 Order Delivery Date

KARAKASSIS OPTICS undertakes to deliver confirmed orders within thirty (30) calendar days upon their confirmation, which is also the date of conclusion of the contract. Nevertheless, KARAKASSIS OPTICS reserves the right to notify the User and deliver the order within an additional deadline given the User’s consent, according to the circumstances, if force majeure or other specific reasons necessitate this delay in delivery. It is noted that in cases of special orders, such as contact lenses for astigmatism, the User shall receive a special notification concerning the processing of his/her order, since in these cases an additional deadline shall be specified in agreement with the User, due to the longer time required for the delivery of the specific product resulting from its nature.

When KARAKASSIS OPTICS fails to deliver the products within this extended deadline, the consumer/User reserves the right to terminate the contract by cancelling the order via e-mail ( or telephone (+302103613366), using the reference number received upon confirmation of the order. In this latter case, KARAKASSIS OPTICS shall refund, without undue delay, the User for the whole sum paid under the contract.

8.2. Place of Delivery

  1. a) Pickup at the physical store of KARAKASSIS OPTICS: the Users who choose pickup in store have to proceed to the store within seven (7) days upon the date of receiving an e-mail confirming that their order is complete. Pickup in store is free of charge and Users need to present the reference number and notification of delivery, as well as an official identification document. In case of pickup by a third party, the latter must provide a relevant act of authorization by the right-holder buyer that is authenticated by a Citizens’ Service Center (KEP) or other competent public authority.
  2. b) Delivery at the User’s designated address: KARAKASSIS OPTICS collaborates with the courier companies ELTAand Geniki Taxydromiki, which undertake to carry out on its behalf the delivery of orders at the address registered by the User, when the order is ready for shipment. The shipping costs are calculated on a case-by-case basis according to the User’s order, whereas the latter is informed about the costs prior to the placement of the order and its subsequent approval by KARAKASSIS OPTICS. The delivery times are as follows:

Attica region: 1–2 business days

Outside Attica/ nationwide: 2–5 business days

Internationally:  5–10 business days

To receive the order, Users need to present the reference number and notification of delivery, as well as an official identification document, to the courier employee, external partner of KARAKASSIS OPTICS. In case of receipt by a third party, the latter must provide a relevant act of authorization by the right-holder buyer that is authenticated by a Citizens’ Service Center (KEP) or other competent public authority

8.3 Shipping Costs

Shipping costs:

Attica region: 3,00€

Outside Attica/ nationwide: 3,00€

Internationally: 8,00–20,00€

Free shipping applies to orders exceeding 60,00€.


The e-shop accepts VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS, UNION PAY, Paypal and interest-free installments via credit card, using the SSL protocol of Alpha Bank for secure online transactions. All your credit card data are thus encrypted so that they cannot be read or altered during their transfer over the Internet.


If you wish to change some of the products you received, we inform that KARAKASSIS OPTICS can proceed to such changes within 14 days upon delivery of the product. In order for the change to be possible, all of the following criteria must be met:

  • The product must not have been used and remain in its original packaging.
  • You must have kept the transaction receipt and order confirmation code number.
  • The product must not belong to special categories of orders, such as customized contact lenses (e.g. for astigmatism), eyeglasses fitted on your customized frame, contact lenses that have been unsealed.

In order for the change to be made, you will either need to proceed to the physical store of KARAKASSIS OPTICS, or send us the product in its original condition at your own expenses and contact via telephone in order to inform us about the product you wish to receive in exchange.


11.1 Right of Withdrawal

With reservation to Section 11.2, the User can withdraw from the distance contract within 14 calendar days, without stating the reasons for doing so and free of charge. It is noted here that, in the case of sales contracts, the deadline of 14 days starts on the day when the consumer, or a third party specified by the consumer and other than the courier, takes physical possession of the goods, or:

  • On the day when the consumer, or a third party specified by the consumer and other than the courier, takes physical possession of the last good included in an order containing numerous goods which are delivered separately.
  • On the day when the consumer, or a third party specified by the consumer and other than the courier, takes physical possession of the last lot or piece included in an order containing numerous lots or pieces.

In order to exercise their right, Users have to inform KARAKASSIS OPTICS of their decision within the aforementioned deadline, in the following ways:

  1. Fill in the template form of withdrawal which is available here and submit it online at Upon submission, the User receives a relevant confirmation via e-mail.
  2. Proceed to any other form of clear statement of the User’s decision to withdraw from the contract, which needs to be submitted online at Upon submission, the User receives a relevant confirmation via e-mail.

In this case, the User must return the products to the physical store of KARAKASSIS OPTICS, send them to the company or transfer them to a third party authorized by the company to receive the goods, without undue delay and in any event within 14 days from the day when the decision to withdraw is notified. It is noted that the User bears the immediate cost of returning the goods. The User is liable for damages to KARAKASSIS OPTICS for any loss in the value of the goods resulting from their handling in a manner other than necessary to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functions of the goods. If the User exercises his/her right of withdrawal, any related contracts are automatically terminated at no cost to the User.

KARAKASSIS OPTICS undertakes to refund the User for any payments made, including delivery costs, without undue delay and in any event within 14 days from the day when the decision to withdraw is notified, according to the aforementioned.

KARAKASSIS OPTICS reserves the right to withhold the refund until the goods have been returned or the User provides proof of having sent the goods back, whichever occurs first.

By way of derogation from the above, KARAKASSIS OPTICS shall not refund the User for additional delivery costs stemming from the User’s choice of a delivery method that differs from the cheapest standard delivery method offered by KARAKASSIS OPTICS.

KARAKASSIS OPTICS proceeds to the designated refund using the same methods of payment that the User used in the original transaction, unless the User has explicitly agreed otherwise and provided that the User is not liable for additional costs arising from the refund. When a User is charged via card, KARAKASSIS OPTICS shall inform the Bank about the cancellation of the transaction and the Bank shall then process the request as specified in the contract governing its relationship with the User. KARAKASSIS OPTICS bears no responsibility for the timing and manner of the reversal execution, subject to the above information.

11.2 Exceptions from the Right of Withdrawal

It is noted that the right of withdrawal is not applicable in the following cases:

  • supply of goods manufactured according to the User’s specifications or clearly personalized goods;
  • supply of goods that may deteriorate or expire soon;
  • supply of sealed goods that are not eligible for return for hygiene reasons and have been unsealed after delivery.

Consequently, the following goods are excluded from the right:

  • Contact lenses on special order (e.g. for astigmatism)
  • Eyeglasses fitted on a customized frame
  • Unsealed contact lenses

In the event of liability of KARAKASSIS OPTICS and its associate manufacturing companies or their representatives in Greece for a true defect of lack of contractual property of the product, the Buyer is entitled to: 1. Request, free of charge, the repair or replacement of the product with another, unless such action is impossible or requires disproportionate expenditure. 2. Receive a discount on the total cost. 3. Withdraw from the contract, unless this is an actual minor defect.

If repair or replacement of the product is chosen, KARAKASSIS OPTICS shall proceed to the repair or replacement in due time and without significant inconvenience to the Buyer.

The User’s rights stemming from a true defect or lack of contractual property of the product are limited after two years.

It is noted that the products covered on a case-by-case basis by the respective commercial guarantee provided by the manufacturing companies and their representatives (which act as suppliers or producers on a case-by-case basis, as define herein).


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KARAKASSIS OPTICS is not liable for delays in the processing of orders, including delivery, originating from events that cannot be attributed to the company’s liability, go beyond its control and sphere of influence, or are due to force majeure. Consequently, in such cases KARAKASSIS OPTICS is entitles to an extension of time to carry out is contractual obligations. Examples of such events are strikes, acts of terrorism, product supply/transportation/production difficulties, exchange rate fluctuations, government of legislative acts and natural disasters.

Given the duration of such events for more than two (2) months, the sales contract may be freely terminated by either of the parties without compensation.


The present contract is governed in its entirety by and construed in accordance with the Greek law. The parties agree that they shall make every possible effort to settle any potential controversy between them amicably. In all cases of non appeal or failure of amicable or alternative resolution of the controversy, the courts of Athens shall have exclusive jurisdiction.







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