Yuniku 3D Tailored Eyewear

  • 3D printing for superior customized frames

  • Designed exclusively for you

  • Perfect fit matching your unique style



Every face is unique… so are our glasses!


Karakassis Optics is celebrating 90 years of operation in downtown Athens by being the first to introduce the new eyewear digital design and 3D printing technology in Greece.

Every pair of glasses has now become a personal issue. Employing the new Yuniku 3D printing technology




1. Facial Scan


Your face is measured and its characteristics are recorded in order to find the frame and style that best suit you.

2. Personal Needs


Your individual needs are stored using the Yuniku software and then used to calculate the ideal position of the lenses in relation to your eyes.

3. Frame Selection


You choose the model, color and shape of your desired frame. The shape of your frame can then be appropriately modified using the Yuniku software.

4. Lens Choice & Customization

Although Yuniku comprises the most premium lens properties, the ultimate decision on the lenses is yours (material, layers, color, photochromicity). Minor adjustments are workable, ensuring absolute user satisfaction and a perfect result.  

5. Order & Make


Your order has been placed and your frame will be 3D-printed according to your parameters. Your lenses will be precision cut and fitted to the frame.

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